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Fraykido Martial Arts Association
Fraykido Martial Arts Association (FMA), have been offering instruction & training, in Shiv Vihar, Karawal Nagar, Delhi-94. We hope you enjoy our website. This site is designed to give you information about Indian & Chinese Martial Systems and also our style of martial arts, and provide you with information on how to contact us as well. Martial arts is practiced for health and fitness, sports, law enforcement, spiritual benefits as well as self-defence. Fraykido has two main categories, routine exercise and free fighting as its forms. There is not only extensive range of techniques in Fraykido but also a number of different ways of performing those same techniques. That is why “Fraykido’, techniques work equally well for the children, adolescent and the youth or the older person. Our classes primarily attract boys, but now, in order to increase diversity, and accessibility to girls, we created some short-term training programs of "Self Defence, Fitness, and Meditation” specially for girls & women. Fraykido has a great way to drop extra pounds, learn to defend yourself and develop personal and physical discipline. Our self-defense program stresses violence avoidance and negotiation skills. It means skill, self-discipline, bravery, loyalty, honour, honesty, and obedience. Our objective is to deliver a program that would give every single person a chance to survive a real fight. Give yourself permission - right now - to do what you need, to defend yourself. YOUR AREA OF INTEREST: just click on the link An Introduction of Master Sanjay Shakya Our Programs & Classes for School, Institutions & Companies Self Defence, Meditation & Fitness Training Programs for Home Tuition How to Train at Training Centre How to Contact Us and Class Timings & Fees Structure What is Fraykido Why Fraykido Practice is the Best for Self Defence and Health? How to Train at Fraykido Martial Art Training Center Girls & Women Training. Why Self Defence training is necessary for women & girls ? Some Fraykido Salient Features Fraykido Practitioner Aspects Differences Between The Animal Fighting Styles Indian Martial Arts Mother of All Martial Arts India's Historic Martial Science Kalaripayattu; Thang Ta; Sarit Sarak What is The Chinese Martial Arts? What is Kung Fu; The History of Kung Fu; Kung Fu: Hard vs. Soft, External vs. Internal
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