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"Many martial arts today’s teach technique, but those undergoing these martial arts finally become masters of technique, but as age increases they fail in their techniques and left with nothing. In my earlier days of training, I work hard and enjoyed the energy and power that gave with youthful practice, performing martial arts techniques with strength and speed. Now I find I came close to those same techniques in a very different way, looking for an economy of movement that practices the maximum effect from minimal expenditure energy." Sanjay Shakya has been studying, training and coaching in the self-defense field for over one and half decade. His unique approach describes on his experience as a martial artist. He is the founder of the popular "Fraykido" a mixed martial art system that provides combative workout strategies for optimal fitness and functional fighting skills. In Fraykido, Shakya uses his own experience, of martial arts training and from discussion with highly enthusiast practicing yoga and martial arts and from familiar books on yoga and self-defence written by the erudite authors. Fraykido practiced health and fitness, sport, law enforcement, spiritual benefits as well as self-defence. There are five ways of defeating the enemystriking, kicking, joint locking, dodging, throwing and through weapon use. There is not only extensive range of techniques in Fraykido but also a number of different ways of performing those same techniques. This is why in Fraykido, different techniques are used equally well for the youth or the older person. In Fraykido martial art, there is a 26-month Black Belt course personally prepared by Shakya. Fraykido Martial Arts Association organizes regular camps/seminars at both the instructor and student level to improve the quality of the discipline and to help it grow. Contact Sanjay Shakya you can reach through Direct E-Mail at mastershakya@gmail.com, you can also meet online with him between 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM.
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