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Fraykido Martial Arts Association
WHAT IS FRAYKIDO Fraykido is the mixed martial art or modern martial art style (MMA) highly based on Kung Fu basics. Fraykido is not a martial sports, it is a unique and true martial art and great fusion of many martial arts styles. The basics, individual techniques, forms, and applications will be provided for most of the martial arts styles described on this website. For the first time the best of fitness and the best of self defence, came together, creating a new force in martial fitness. Students and enthusiasts of martial arts have many reasons for their interest in Fraykido Martial Art style. Fraykido trains you with Indian folklore & environment. Fraykido offers the perfect balance of mind and body, strength and flexibility, grace and agility. Give us the time, we will give you the skill. SOME FRAYKIDO'S SALIENT FEATURES There are five ways of defeating the enemystriking, kicking, joint locking, dodging, throwing and through weapons use. This is why Fraykido, techniques work equally well for both boys and girls. Some salient features of Fraykido * One-step sparring, stretching, competing, and performing great demonstrations * Streetwise self-defense applications of Fraykido techniques * About Meditation and breathing techniques * Creating a strong foundation of basic techniques * What martial arts is and not * Five resolutions you must accept * How to set goals for yourself * All about the proper clothes, shoes, and equipment * How to prevent injuries * Mastering advanced techniques includes the cultivation of breath control, and the use of weapons. And there’s much more to learn. BENEFITS Entertainment: This is what you see in the movies and at demonstrations: it is flashy, explosive and dynamic, with a lot of flair, style and really shows off the potential of the human body. Health/Fitness: This is one of the main benefits people want and it comes in two flavors: Internal (for the organs, mind and attitude) and External (for the muscles, bones and joints). Sports/Competition: This is where two martial athletes come together to determine who is the better fighter under a specific set of rules, with a referee and medical staff on site. The goal is to keep the event fair and safe. Self-Defense/Combat: This is when someone faces the ultimate challenge, live or death situation. There might be a massive size difference, weapons could be involved or there could be multiple opponents. This last activity is anything but safe and there is only one rule: survive! Self-Improvement: However, you can’t improve yourself if you sit on the couch and simply wish to get better as a human being but do nothing about it. This is why Self-Improvement is not listed as Martial Art Activities. You have to do one of the four and, as you put yourself more and more into the activity, your character, confidence and sense of self improves; you’ll learn to relax and accomplish what seems difficult with ease, poise and grace. THE FRAYKIDO PRACTITIONER ASPECT The power of the Fraykido practitioner lay in his ability to defend himself against impossible odds and situations. Their sincerity and ability to keep the secrets of the order were severely tested for years before the finer aspects of the order were revealed to them. But, upon being accepted by the elders of the Fraykido Association, his or her entry into Martial Arts was to open a whole new world. The student would work long hours training mind and body to work together in a coordinated effort. He would learn the principles of combat and together they would ensure his way to peace. One would be trained firstly, the first basic fist sets, the prearranged forms, which simulated multiple attacks. These in turn became more complex as the student advanced, while he would simultaneously be learning. Upon end of the student stage, one became a disciple who would be trained the higher secrets of the arts and philosophies. Weapons of all descriptions would become familiar to him as weapons of attack and defense. One would perfect his movements to coincide with his breathing. The list of achievements goes on and on; we shall discuss some of these in other sections of this site. It requires a tremendous amount of background, information and disciplines, which would shame our liberal-arts students. There was a ranking system of sorts used, beginner, intermediator, senior and master. The beginner was the basic servant. Intermediator & senior were in effect, still having to master them, but of the right mettle to carry the traditions and secrets of the Fraykido. The pinnacle of master was reached by very few; it was truly the achievement of a lifetime. The Fraykido practitioner had to be more than a fighting machine, he had to know how, where and why to enter a fight, and even of greater importance, how to avoid conflict. Only with "unbeatable" ability, he secures enough not to need to fight. The candidate was lead to a man who preferred the use of one style of attack, i.e. claws, would build a whole discipline around gouging, claw-like attacks.
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