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Fraykido Martial Arts Association
If you give us the time, we will give you the skill.
HOW WE TRAIN AT FRAYKIDO KUNG FU TRAINING CENTER Fryakido Training Center trained scholars in Fraykido (MMA) and Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu) both in the same way. The goal of this section is to provide Fraykido and Kung Fu training tips and technique to those wishing to learn these techniques. The basics, individual techniques, forms, and applications will be provided for most of the kung fu styles described on this website. Fraykido has two main categories, routine exercise and free fighting as its forms. Fraykido emphasizes self-defence, focusing on techniques that allow a block and an attack in the same movement. WHY SELF DEFENCE TRAINING IS NECESSARY FOR WOMEN & GIRLS? Fraykido has a great way to drop extra pounds, learn to defend yourself and develop personal and physical discipline. Not only does SELF DEFENCE training help you look better, but it also may help you feel better by strengthening your self-esteem. Our self defence training program will also help maintain bone density. Strength training can help optimize and maintain bone density throughout the life span. Fraykido training may also help with weight control. Our self-defense program stresses violence avoidance and negotiation skills. We are not aiming at making the girls into fighting machines, who would jump at a moment to fight. Instead, we are trying to build confidence in the girls & women so that they can hit back when they are in need. Give yourself permission - right now - to do what you need, to defend yourself. Then, if you ever need to, you’ll be able to act immediately, decisively and powerfully to protect yourself. Don’t wait to get fit first - we’ll help you with that. OUR PROGRAMS Fraykido offers the perfect balance of mind and body, strength and flexibility, grace and agility. Its movements demand precision and control while offering exercisers of all agesimproved fitness, stress reduction, and self-defense skills. For the first time the best of fitness and the best of martial arts, came together, creating a new force in martial fitness. Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, Fraykido Martial Arts Association offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well. Presently our training centre only in Shiv Vihar, Karawal Nagar, Delhi 94. We also provide Home Tutions for Boys, Girls and Childrens of All ages in Delhi. SPL. SHORT TERM TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR STREET SELF DEFENCE/PHYSICAL FITNESS This is developed specially for Companies, Schools, Institutions, Societies and Home Tuitions. We give ONE, TWO, FOUR and SIX month’s packages of self defence and health & fitness. (A) ONE MONTH: In our one-month program, we will gives physical fitness, meditation & breathing exercise training with some self defence techniques. (B) TWO MONTHS: In our two months program, we teach some yoga tactics for physical fitness, power lifting, meditation and some stretching exercise with self defence. These exercise is very important for apply self-defence techniques. (C) FOUR MONTHS: We recommend always this package especially for beginners, girls & women’s because it has wide range of self defence tactics including meditation and breathing techniques, power lifting exercise, realistic combat techniques of kung-fu that encompasses all ranges of combat (Punching, Kicking, Striking, Trapping, and Grappling). Here we are not aiming at making the girls into fighting machines, who would jump at a chance to fight. Instead, we are trying to build confidence in the girls & women so that they can hit back when they are in need. (D) SIX MONTHS (CERTIFICATE COURSE): It’s a complete package creating a strong foundation of basic techniques of self-defence, health & fitness, self-improvement. In this package we include yoga, sparring, stretching, forms, competing, performing great demonstrations, how to prevent injuries, all about the proper clothes, shoes & equipment, Streetwise self-defense applications that encompasses all ranges of combat. If a candidate completes our 6 months training consistently then, he/she will join us as an instructor after 1 month instructor training. So, if you haven’t made a decision about this before, please consider it now otherwise it will be too late. Contact with Master Sanjay Shakya you can reach through Direct E-Mail at mastershakya@gmail.com or by clicking here . You can also call us on the phone at: 09999318745 .
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